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Principal's Message

Principal’s Welcome Back To School Letter

Principal’s Welcome Back To School Letter

Welcome to the Robert H. Down Elementary Otter Ohana!
Reopening our campus has been the highlight after over a year of Covid restrictions and distance learning. I’d like to thank our students, families, and staff once again for persevering through all the changes using our Patience and Breathing Tools in order to remain calm and focused toward one day returning to RHD and celebrating our traditions. For those families new to PGUSD, Welcome!  You have landed in a very special place where your children will be cared for and cherished as if they were our own. Robert H. Down Elementary provides an outstanding education through its classroom academics and support services. We take our nickname, Butterfly Town, U.S.A., seriously by helping every student transform into a unique learner that is able to fly off to middle school, confident they will be successful. On behalf of the RHD Staff, we look forward to serving your family whether you are long-time residents, short-term military, or somewhere in between. Once an Otter, always and Otter. Welcome to our Ohana!
—Sean B. Keller, RHD Principal, (831) 275-0083

Robert Down in 1922

Robert Down Today

Principal Keller with Portrait of Robert Down