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Classroom Placement Policy

The placement of students each year is a task that our staff takes very seriously. Teachers from the current grade level work as a team with support staff and the principal to place students into classrooms each spring for the following year. Because of the many variables and delicate balance of each class, we cannot guarantee a particular placement for any child. Please do not contact the school or individual teachers requesting a specific teacher.  Class placements are a team effort and a time-consuming task. New students are placed based on current classroom numbers and student support needs.  PGUSD supports the efforts of our staff and requires a two-week waiting period before any parent request for a class placement change will be considered. If parents/guardians have concerns they should share them with the current teacher as soon as possible and request a face-to-face, virtual, or phone meeting to discuss issues and determine if improvements can be made. If there are extreme circumstances or after a meeting with a teacher has not resulted in improvements, then parents/guardians should contact the principal to discuss another class placement.