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Tech Lab

Clever Login for Students



Robert Down Computer Lab Website


1. Intervention

Cyber Survey

Read Live

Splash Math

Earobics from School
Earobics from Home

Math Facts


2. Illuminate Online

Illuminate Online


3. Computer Activities


4. SRI/SMI/Reading Counts



5. Web Search

Whale World


6. Moby Max Log-In

Moby Max Log-In


7. Books to Read

Stories OnLine


8. Encyclopedia


9. Holiday Poems

Poem Creator
Valentine Poems


10. Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving


11. My Math

My Math-K-3
My Math -4/5


12. Language Arts and Math  

13. 5th Grade State Reports

50 States
The US 50
U.S. Mint
Enchanted Learning
Map Puzzles
US Government


14. 4th Grade Missions
California Missions 1
California Missions 2


15. 4th Grade Famous Person Project

Americas Library
People and Society
Ducksters Biographies
Turtle Diary Biographies
Mr. Nussbaum Biographies


16. 3rd Grade Projects

Monterey County Government
Pacific Grove Government
Habitats-National Geographic 

Animals2-SanDiego Zoo
Animals3- Kids Planet
Animal Fact Guide
Navajo Rugs
Kids Zoo

US Mint


17. Brainpop

Brainpop Junior
Brainpop ESL


18. Math

19. Science

Science – Kindergarten
Science – Grade 1
Science – Grade 2
Science – Grade 3
Science – Grade 4
Science – Grade 5
Rocks and Minerals 1
Rocks and Minerals 2


20. Typing

21. Spelling/Grammar

Spelling City
Grammar Gallery


22. Dr. Seuss – Butterflies

Dr. Seuss

23. Kindergarten Links